Tuesday 18 August 2015

Tuesday Tail #48

Quite some time ago we noticed Pea had a slightly snotty nose. Except of course we didn't know it was Pea at the time, since we have still not persuaded them to wear little hats with their names on.

Well anyway, being one of the hand-reared "wild" bunch, Caroline was reluctant to put her through the trauma of trips to the vets and having antibiotics. Much as they have grown up into happy domesticated rabbits who enjoy the luxuries of being waited on by humans, that all goes away the moment you try and pick one of them up for health checks. They'll happily hang out with you on the grass doing their thing while you eat lunch, they'll come right up and take food out of your hands if you have any they like, but come health check day they will run up the walls as if their tails were on fire to get away from those very same hands.

Unfortunately, the snot got worse and became so significant you could hear her breathing from the next enclosure over. We clearly couldn't leave it, but catching and medicating her daily while they were living in their fancy Runaround enclosure wasn't going to work. So a little over a week ago, we bit the bullet and moved them into one of our SNUs. It means slightly less space when they are shut in, but unlike their previous house the whole thing is under a roof so they can still use it all in bad weather and of course they are now much easier to catch without causing them stress. Their new house also has slightly more adjoining outdoor space for playtime, although they do have to time-share that space with a few of our permanent pairs.

They were understandably miffed when we first moved them, but looking at them now I'm pretty sure they are over it...


  1. Aww.. Poor pea. Hopefully she gots over her snotties quickly.

    .. Looking at that picture, you sure they're not just trying to lull into a false sense of complacency?

    1. Well the good news is that the nose is clearing so well that Caroline is now finding it much harder to spot which one Pea is when she comes round to do the medicines!

    2. That's definitely a good news/bad news situation.. :D

      I'm the evil person who used a vegetable dye blotter (think bingo blotters) on one bun's ear so I could differentiate.

      The bun was unimpressed, but his brother stopped getting his medicines. Which was probably why he was unimpressed.

    3. Yes, my thought too, was that they were plotting revenge. And if the next picture of Pea (or any group of similar buns) show a bunny with bright pink spots on his ears we will know where B-HV got the idea.

  2. Yes, please tell little Pea to get well fast. And, well, if they are still a little bit out of sorts, I think YOU could make some wisecrack about their width and the rabbit hole.