Monday 17 August 2015

The Mouf of Pain

I got my thumb chomped, for the second time in a month, by a fuzzy little mouf that was too eager to bother checking if the hand that gave it the last treat had yet pulled another from the bag.

Of course it's hard to hold these lapses against the cute owner of the teeth, almost as hard as it is to stop yourself from screaming, shouting and swearing very loudly as a visiting family with young children happen by at the same time...

"Well if you don't want to frighten those kids with another scream, I suggest you start shovelling the rest of those treats right here!!!"


  1. Well -- maybe it'll teach the little youngin's to respect bunnies.. :)

  2. oops at least kids will learn to be careful with bunnies,hope you thump heals up quick,xx Rachel

  3. I had a rabbit who would get terribly jealous when I played with his brother and would use this method to get my attention. At various times I had him hanging off my hand by his teeth, off my leg by his teeth and once hanging off my bottom by his teeth. It always worked. He had my undivided attention when he did this.

  4. The first book about bunnies that I ever read was written by an English woman, i.e., polite but firm, and I have always remembered her injunction, "Every bunny deserves to be loved for the bunny s/he is."