Monday 23 September 2013


Angus, 27th April 2013, quietly helping himself to a sack of dried grass.

It is with very great sadness that I bring you this mornings post. Our dear cuddly teddy-bun Angus has passed away.

Angus arrived at the Rescue around February suffering from back problems which we later discovered were from old fractures in his spine. He spent a lot of his time with us on pain relief and was even treated with acupuncture which seemed to help. He had many ups and downs over recent months and several times took us close to having to make difficult decisions, but he also had his good days and always seemed to enjoy life. Then, after what was actually a good week for him, he went downhill Saturday and died in Caroline's arms on the way to an emergency appointment with the on-call vet around 1am on Sunday.

Few bunnies have we become so attached to in such a short time as we did with Angus, as you will see looking back at his appearances here on this blog. A sweet and friendly giant, he will be very, very deeply missed. Binky free our big orange friend.


  1. My heart has joined The Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

  2. Oh Angus! we shall miss your floofy specialness,xx Rachel and Speedy

  3. Oh, no! So very sorry to hear that the mighty Angus has left us. We will be thinking many good thoughts for him and for all of you at the Rescue. :(

  4. So sorry to hear that handsome Angus has passed on. RIP sweet boy. <3

  5. What a big hole he is leaving. I still can't take it all in. How is Jessie?

    1. They had joined the super-group in Caroline's lounge, so Angus had lots of friends and with Jessie doing much better, Caroline had taken the decision to separate her out and find her a new friend a few weeks ago. I am sure the others in the group are missing their big snuggle-bunny though.

  6. I am so sorry to hear this! Binky free, Angus!