Wednesday 18 September 2013

Shlurpa Capcha

I'm closer to starting those bunny photo tips I promised you, I just need a little more time to finish training Whisky to operate the other camera. (I kinda need one of us to take the pictures of the other demonstrating the techniques.) While you're waiting for that, if you want to know how to set up good bunneh-tongue shots like Mondays picture of Teal, there's one simple trick I've learned:- It's called parsley.

Wave some tasty snacky herbs at some buns and the ears go up, the eyes light up and the tongues come out shlurping.

There are some drawbacks to this method I should warn you of. Many of the best bunny pictures you will capture are not the ones you set up but rather the crazy and adorable things you come across randomly. But so powerful is the parsley technique that wander round the Rescue carrying a bag and suddenly all your photo opportunities are going to look pretty much the same...



  1. Oh, give that little babe her/his parsley. And, as Fleetie would say, let's make it "snappeh."

    1. I always have trouble with these guys - there are 5 and although Caroline had named them, until recently I didn't have anything to tell me which one was which. However, unlike Pea, Pod, Cosmos and Goofy who all look pretty much the same, these guys do at least have different markings and tufty heads! I *think* this is probably Aragon (or possibly Aragorn, tho I think that's probably a typo), one of the boys. He is always first in line for the snacks and yes, he did get his parsley (and that of several of his slower relatives).

  2. Gimme more parsley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!