Thursday 12 September 2013

Hidey Hide-Away

Excuse the terrible picture, but this is Whisky in the lounge on Tuesday night. He had just barged his way in there to have a nosey, only for foster bunny JJ to threaten to tear Whisky's ears off through the bars of his cage. In complete contrast to his usual behaviour in such situations, instead of blasting JJ with jets of wee and trying to punch him in the head through the bars, Whisky went and sat in the lounge hutch and refused to come out.

Well good news for Whisky, the foster boys are all moving out this morning. I will be sad to see them go, though perhaps relieved that some order and sanity might return to our house! I will miss JJ's utter craziness, Boz's strange blend of sweetness and (recently) teenage violence, Silvio's curious shyness and absolutely everything about little floofy BC. Another chapter ends. See you back at the Rescue, guys!

Before the violence: The last picture I took of the boys together, 10th August.


  1. Whisky just could be bothered with the unruly teenagers

  2. I hope they are all successful in finding lovely homes..