Monday 30 September 2013

Every Cloud

September was a truly heart-breaking month for us, with so many of our elderly and special needs bunnies unexpectedly leaving for the bridge. One of those was Montana's dear partner Cookie, with whom she shared a space at Caroline's house.

Super-floofy bunnies can be more difficult to home because they need more experienced owners who can confidently handle and groom them. Rather than risk leaving Montana alone for a long period while we wait for a suitable home, Caroline decided to bring her back to the Rescue last week and bond her. Fortunately, the perfect partner had just recently returned to the Rescue himself...

"Do you mind? This is our honeymoon you're intruding on!"


  1. Yippee for bonding! That was quick. They must have both been lonely...bless their rabbity hearts.

  2. yippee happy honeymoon Sweeties!xx Rachel

  3. Aww glad Montana found a new buddy!