Saturday 5 July 2014

Bobbit The Explorer

Foster bunny Bobbit is becoming way more trusting these days, when he moved in I wouldn't have dreamed that I'd ever be able to just walk up to him and pick him up when I need to (like health check day), but that appears to be where we are now at. Well, I say 'trusting' - I think he trusts that (a) there's really no point trying to run away and (b) there's probably treats on the way after being poked about, clipped and cleaned. His view now that, far from being dangerous, I am merely annoying also gives him the confidence to sneak out of their room for a wander about, given the chance.

You can tell he thinks he's being a bit naughty though - not something I've said or done, I think it might be something he decided from the occasional glares he gets through the mesh of Whisky's bunny-gate.

"If I move really slowly, I wonder if I can chin and claim this chair without that grumpy lop noticing..."