Sunday 13 July 2014

Sunday Laps

Whisky seems to be getting back to his old self a bit more this weekend after far too much moping/lazing about in his room during the week. I wish I knew what had caused it but he is suddenly rammed full of energy and tearing around the house and garden like a much younger bunny.

"Need more racing fuel!! Snacks please!!!"

"Did you time that last lap? Gotta be a new record!"

I mean, you know, until he'd used up all his beans...

"Just gonna rest my head and feets for a coupla secs...then...back to...zzzzzzzzz..."


  1. Good to hear Whisky has had a good weekend x

  2. Yay that is what we like to see a happy bunny,xx Rachel

  3. Amazing photographs! It is good to "have" a bunny worthy of one's gifts. Or rather, to find one's gifts able to do justice to such a magnificent bunn.

    I don't think we have any way to give to worthy causes over here that doesn't consider itself the worthiest cause. I didn't recognize the names you mentioned yesterday, but it is only fair to mention there is a real possibility that I am the only person in North America who didn't . . . not a card carrying mobile phone holder.