Thursday 3 July 2014

Bonus Baby

Yesterday Whisky spent the day at the vets getting x-rayed, which of course involved two things:

  • Anesthetic
  • Me stressed and anxious all day until the vet phoned to say he was OK

Consequently I didn't have the energy to sort out something interesting for the blog this morning, so I'm afraid you'll just have to put up with another day of Tatiana's shoe-chompers. I hope you don't mind...!

"What? I'm just filler? What an insult! Well then I hope you have prepared yourself for walking home barefoot..."


  1. We really hope Whiskey's news is good. We are also really sorry both of you have to go through something like this.

    Will these little chompers leave us no shoes at all? Does "Filler" know about "filler up?"

  2. Keeping fingers crossed for good news for Whisky!
    How ever that is one cute shoe chomper,xx Rachel

  3. Hoping and Praying that Whisky is ok we know how stressful these times can be. Take care Jennifer