Monday 14 July 2014

High Maintenance

Bunnies are big on property development, especially when it comes to creating new doorways for themselves. So part of our jobs as volunteers is to spot and report to our maintenance team (Ian and Stuart) any new exits/holes they've created or other things that need fixing.

The bunnies at the Rescue had quite a few little home improvements going on last week, so I had quite a number to find and report. Luckily I had some help pointing out where repairs were needed...

"...and I think maybe the roof needs some work too? Can you see?"

Sorry little bunster, I haven't even looked up yet cos I can't stop looking at your squee little face!


  1. How do you get anything done with these cuties around?xx Rachel

  2. Well, Rachel, over here any Human Resource Department would have a field day with Mr. B-HV. It is seriously improper to squee at residents, employees, and special consultants. Ian and Stuart appear to be all three. We have laws that allow adorable bunnies to make a living with out constant squee harassment. I am surprised R3 doesn't have some protocols in place to deal with this kind of problem.

    As RLS said (updated version): "No squeeing allowed and fix that roof."

  3. I can see that it is going to be an uphill struggle with Management.