Thursday 31 July 2014

The Holiday Mood

As well as all the rescuing, the RRR also takes in holiday boarders when their families are away. For the most part this is former residents, which gives us a great opportunity to catch up with our little fluffy friends.

Donations from this activity are part of what helps keep everything else going and lets us help more bunnies. So we suffer the necessary evil of moving some of our current residents into smaller areas during peak periods to make room for the boarders.

Bunnies like Fonzie and Rosetta, who would normally have a spacious aviary all to themselves, have to cope with living in just a shed for several weeks. If I'm honest, this does upset me to see them in smaller spaces, but I understand why it has to be that way. However, I found it particularly stressful this time as they started to revert back to their old grumpy growly ways somewhat.

"Go away, I don't like you anymore. Also: Growl. That is all."

It's hard to make bunnies understand that it is actually these boarders that are paying for them to live in such nice accommodation for most of the year. Fortunately, we do listen to and understand their concerns, so bunnies who struggle to cope are the first back when a space frees up. I am happy to say that in Fonzie and Rosetta's case, normal levels of contentment returned very quickly after moving back into their regular house.

"Rosetta, stop snacking and join me on the sun terrace. I'm about to guilt-trip this human into being my personal fan for the afternoon!"


  1. its a shame but at least they got over it quickly,xx Rachel

  2. You know, most humans are not strong even to face what rescue works entails. Unfortunately, to be human you have to face it. I am so proud of you. And, I really admire your taking the "high road." I have run into a few truly dedicated servers of the peaceable kingdom of livingness who might not have been able to resist having the last word . . . Something like, "That's okay, Fonzie and Henrietta, I'd like you to meet my two new best friends. Maybe they will stay." It's not really nice, but calling Rosetta Henrietta is a really nice touch. Could it be that the two are fussing at you for disturbing their get away vacation on a small desert isle? No, you say? Found little glass bottles floating in their water bowl with messages that said, "Send Money!"

  3. When we visited the rescue in Feb. we were really taken with these 2 and found out that Caroline does not want to part with them - can't blame her for that, so we are sure their luxury pad at the rescue is safe :) Jennifer