Tuesday 1 July 2014

Tuesday Tail #18

As it's Tuesday Tail day I thought I'd show you Phea's poor chomped tiny tail.

"You want to see my tail? OK, first things first, head strokes please!"

"That Gavin was right, you humans are good for something other than snacks!"

"There you go, but no making jokes or I'll be telling Boadicea that your fingers are made of carrots!"


  1. OWEE. Let's ge that grown out now!

  2. I can't believe this little injured bunn let's you pet her like that. And, Gavin told her that about us? That is just amazing. It doesn't sound like Gavin gave her too many of details about this other redeeming quality. Did he want it to be a surprise? Maybe Phea shouldn't mention her discovery to him. I sure hope you have enough of this to go around. They clearly love it. I don't want to empty Phea's threat of all it's weight, but as a former security guard for the vegetable buffet, B. is going to know her carrots way too well to be misled. Personally, I would be more worried about what Phea might say to the insatiable Gavin. Thanks for taking care of these babies. I need some bunny friends to pet. Do they let you tell them your problems while you pet their little heads? Anyway, I like to think petting bunny heads is good for people with lots of worries and responsibilities. Thanks again.