Tuesday 14 April 2015

And She's Looking Good

Our barn where the singles and new arrivals hutches are located does not have great light - you can see fine in the daytime, sure, but it's not ideal for taking photographs without a flash.

So what I sometimes do is set up a table outside and ferry them out one at a time to have new and updated RabbitRehome profile shots done. It can be a bit stressful being thrown (figuratively) into an unusual situation, suddenly on a strange table and the centre of attention, so I do all I can to make sure they feel safe and at home.

One part of that is to have some distraction snacks on the table - not only will this help them understand that something good is happening, but you can gage how well they are coping by how they react to food. Just because they act calm it doesn't mean they aren't just hiding their fear. If they eat the snacks, it is usually safe to assume they don't feel very threatened, if not perhaps I'll try something different to reassure them. That said, there are other reasons why they don't immediately eat what is offered them...

"Seriously? You're offering me ONE pellet? This is the worst modelling job ever."

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  1. Self respect? Equal pay for women? Utter disbelief? Pausing to glare contemptuously and plot revenge? Wondering if you can be made to understand she is not an intern? This is so pathetic, just a heartbreaker.