Wednesday 15 April 2015

Six Operations

A busy (and expensive) day at the vets today with six bunnies going in for operations.

Maximus is going in for his dental surgery to remove his severely misaligned incisors, Flin after years of just about coping with his funny teeth is now also going in for incisor removal, Nelson is in for another abscess removal and we have three bunnies going in for spays. Please send them all good vibes and wish them luck!


  1. Hope all the bunny ops went ok today. Little Maximus seems so sweet - sending lots of over their way. All the bunny love you get is worth so much more than all the ops cost, but it does sound expensive. Jennifer and Lance

  2. Update from Caroline:
    Maximus and Flin came back yesterday after ops and have been in dog crates in heated office over night. No poo or eating and so quiet, looks like a heavy day ahead of syringe feeding and hope the pain relief kicks in for them. Nelsons op wasn't as serious- an abscess removed so he went back to his normal house with his wife and ate as soon as he got home.

  3. Hope they are both feeling brighter now.

  4. Me to - we've been saying prayers for them.