Monday 13 April 2015

The Snacked-On Attraction

Look at this sweet little mouf just begging for snacks...

Of course, sweetness may get you the snacks, but you need speed to keep them...


  1. Oh, it's such a tough, hard bunny jostle bunny world out there, survival of the fluffiest, just a jungle, just a jungle...tsk, tsk...if only there were enough snacks for every bunny to have one (hint, hint).

    1. This is mum and babies - mum will take snacks off smelly humans, babies will (try to) take snacks off mum! Rest assured, said smelly human is just off camera holding out more snacks that the babies are ignoring!

  2. What a relief. I was so worried. Wait, I'm still worried. You won't let those little ruffians take all of Mom's food, will you?