Thursday 30 April 2015

Back To Feets

"I'm just saying, me asking you to get that hard to reach bit in the middle of my back is hardly the same as you asking me to lick your feet..."


  1. I just .. I'm .. I'm gonna bit my tongue now. I have nothing clean to say.

  2. We are naughty girls, Shady, but please don't bite your tongue. It has a place in this world, and we have all enjoyed it. Hmmmmm, I am making this worse, aren't I? Anyway, I do want to tell you about a pair of bunns I had the pleasure of meeting. Bear with me, I know I have told this story before. One bunn was enormous, and the other was teensy. When it was grooming time, the big bunn could discharge her grooming duties with one swipe of her tongue. Then the little guy, with his tiny little tongue, would spend the rest of the day grooming her. It was as though he had to paint a barn. He never stopped, but when anyone passed by, he would look up out of the corner of his eye and sort of beg for help, but they loved each other. When he had finished, and they were snuggling together, he was so proud. He had this wonderful she's mine look on his face.