Tuesday 7 April 2015

Holding Things Up

TOBY: Hold it right there!

BHV: Hold what right where?

TOBY: The bucket of pellets, upside down.


  1. But, Toby, if B-HV does that the pellets will fall out all over the place. They'll be everywhere. You could slip on them. It would take some time and trouble to clean them all up. Sooooo, no matter how much you want to play "put the empty bucket on your head" will your pal, B-HV... well, it would just create a bunch of mayhem. You wouldn't want that...pellets everywhere, B-HV walking off in odd directions with a bucket over his head. Mayhem is a thing of the past, Toby. You are a young gentleman now.

    1. Hey! Don't go giving him ideas re: the empty bucket!

    2. I was just thinking that sounds like a very happy bunny fun day.. :)