Wednesday 17 June 2015

Cheese Wizz?

Halloumi is a gorgeous Dalmation Rex that I would *love* to have brought home as a partner for Whisky, but unfortunately they didn't get on when they met last year. Whisky has had worse encounters with the ladies, but she clearly wasn't going to take any nonsense from him and at the end of the day he is all about the nonsense. He didn't need to take it too personally though as she has been pretty similar in her reactions to all the guys she's met.

After a number of weeks break from bonding attempts, this week we are trying Halloumi with one of the other problem bonders, Wizz. The signs so far are...not negative. Things can change pretty quickly in bunny bonding, between me typing this and you reading it they may well have turned against each other, but with two such wonderful rabbits it would be really good to see it work out. Our fingers and paws are all crossed.

"Hey human, these sunbathing sessions you keep putting me out here for are aces!"

"Now, it you could just train these other rabbits to rub carrot lotion into my fur we'd be all good. (It doesn't help the tan, but it sure tastes good cleaning it off!)"


  1. What a beautiful bunn, but can you really trust a sun bathing femme fatale who pushes other bunnies around and is just in it for the carrot paste? Maybe it will be okay. Poor low self-esteem Whizz, posted but not really posted, might let her have her way with him.

  2. That other post about Wizz probably isn't. Someone got him confused with his brother Mooki at one point, Mooki is the one bonded with Soufflé. Still, they do look very similar!