Wednesday 10 June 2015

The Displacement Principle

I am a bit behind sorting out blog posts this week, but luckily for me Archimedes has offered to step in and help. I did him ask how, but he just mumbled something about "staring disdainfully at the humans of the intehwebs until they forget why they were here and come back tomorrow".

Er...OK. Well anyway, take it away Archimedes!


  1. I guess we are to assume that this is Archimedes' "darker side?" Well, it won't work. We bunny voyeurs often forget everything else that is going on, but we do not forget why we came here. We will, of course, all do our best to be back tomorrow.

  2. Ignore them. They will come back if it is important.

  3. *is entranced by handsome floof*