Thursday 25 June 2015

Rain Stops Play

Bandit and Pipkin both had a bad week last week with their individual problems and unfortunately they needed to be separated so they could be better monitored. After a few days apart and sensing that the separation itself was bringing them down, we felt they needed some cheering up together so we let them have some playtime out on the grass. It looked promising for all of 2 minutes as they explored their surroundings, but then, unfortunately, the rain came.

Pipkin, relatively unphased by the water running off her short Rexy fur, decided to just stay out in it, but with her persistent respiratory infections flaring up she probably could have done without being soaked. Bandit, who has something strange happening in his abdomen that will likely need an ultrasound investigation in the next week or so, seemed quite miffed to have his playtime cut short by the weather and sensibly sought out the nearest shelter.

"I don't care how tasty that grass is, it took me bunny-ages to get my fur just right for a nice day out, I'm not messing it up out there in the wet!"

These two have always reminded me of my own first pair of bunny companions,Santa and Jemima, it makes me extra nervous to see them unwell, I am sure you will all join me in wishing them a speedy recovery! Get well soon my little friends!


  1. Wait just a minute! In all those movies, you glamourous bunny people who live over there get beautifully dressed and coifed and then you jump into fountains. I've seen it a million times.

    1. By "all those movies" do you mean "those episodes of Friends where they went to London"?