Thursday 18 June 2015

No Snuggles/Snuggles

The news from the Rescue last night was not great - apparently Halloumi and Wizz are NOT getting on after all. Ho hum. Oh well, to cheer us up, here are some bunnies who are always snuggly, our little white angel Gabriel and his crazy-eyed girl Tibby.


  1. aww these two are adorable,hope Halloumi and Wizz get along soon,xx Rachel

  2. "Dis is my wife and you can just put down the salad and leaf."

  3. I wonder if they could do peer couples' counseling for H and W. It might help a lot if Tibby just told H that the secret to a happy bonding is just to let the little boy win occasionally. I feel like Tibby has got to be a gold mind of information.

    1. Sounds reasonable but Tibby doesn't strike me as the sort to share her secrets with other girls!