Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Teeth and Paws, Pain and Sores

Today's jumbo Tuesday tail of floof belongs to Nelson. I thought Nelson and Miley deserved a day in the limelight to make up for all their recent suffering.

Miley seemed to be having trouble eating and a quick look in her mouth revealed her teeth needed some work. She had already lost a few molars from previous problems and unfortunately when she went in for her dental this time it revealed a few more on their way out that needed to be removed. Poor Miley is back on the grated veg, which she doesn't mind but can be a bit frustrating when her giant friend appears to be able to hoover it all up in seconds! No chewing, no problem! This means they are getting extra helpings as we need to get her weight back up, which of course there have been no complaints about.

While Miley struggles on through her mouth pain, Nelson has developed a massive sore on one of his front paws. It is so large and painful he can't walk on it and regularly keels over trying to manoeuvre himself about without putting it down. He is on pain relief and sadly needs to be kept shut in to discourage him from moving around too much and aggravating it. We have filled their kennel with lots of soft bedding so we'll just have to wait and see how he gets on.

At least they have each other for comfort and support...


"Hey, what are you looking at??!! Why don't you take a picture, it'll last lon...oh, you did."


  1. Hilarious caption, but please tell them to get on the mend.

  2. Really, the caption takes me right back to elementary school.

    1. By "caption" you mean the stuff that bunnies say, right?

    2. Right. Absolutely. I really prefer having them correctly quoted to having little floatie clouds above their heads. Anyway, who but rabbits could be so funny, so authentic, so erudite, so right on about everything. Yes, I mean the stuff the bunnies say!