Tuesday 8 December 2015

Maxi Vacci

Last month, in response to a shortage of the single-use rabbit vaccine, we had to do a mass vaccination from a 50-dose vial that needed to be used up within 4 hours of opening. This meant not only a day spent preparing and then ferrying rabbits up and down the rescue for their jabs but in order to make up numbers my own pair of furries turned up for theirs. Not that I told them that's what they were going "on holiday" for. They were less than amused.


  1. Any human who is not out there amusing the bunnies has really missed their calling. I couldn't get through a day or fall asleep at night without the soft backdrop noise of sniggering bunnies.

    1. .. which is generally a result of their pet human having done something daft.

  2. Bunny abuse! The horrors! The stories!

    .. the treats they probably got in compensation! ;)