Saturday 5 December 2015


Despite some sad losses last month, we've had some good luck lately in other areas with many bunnies choosing to behave and fall in love. In recent weeks, we've seen Edmund, Tubsy, Trixie and Kalulu going to wonderful new owners as well as another home awaiting long-termers Haribo and Arctic.

I'm sure we'll all join Kalulu in putting our paws together and wishing them all a long and happy future and that the spirit of romance stays around the Rescue for a while yet.


  1. Peace and blessings upon all the bunny denizens of R3, all the volunteers, and all who give bunnies a chance. I am so pleased for them because there is no true happiness in life without a bunny.

  2. Who needs luck when you have prayers? At least Kalulu has her priorities right. We are so pleased to hear that her prayers have been answered.