Thursday 17 December 2015

Strike a Pose

We made it onto the ITV News website and the front page of the Hertfordshire Mercury newspaper last week. Great coverage for the Rescue and great for raising awareness of rabbit welfare issues, even if they did experience a little 'journalistic interpretation' on the way.

One rabbit in particular was very pleased with the coverage, since she made it into both articles. Not that Delta is over-stating her new fame, but apparently she is negotiating a new contract with the Rescue:- from now on I must only photograph her in favourable lighting, preferably in black-and-white and supply a carrot platter as part of her rider for every session...

"I think you'll also find details of my ear-masseur in there as well..."

Bunnies, eh? Give them an inch and they'll empty your fridge.

NOTE: Todays photo and post title were provided by volunteer and foster mum Emma. Delta and Scamper are currently available for adoption.


  1. You know, this may not be related to the recent coverage. It just sort of reminds me of how almost any bunny would explain how almost any day was going to go.

  2. Delta is very pretty and knows how to work a camera! Obviously she was born to be a star!