Wednesday 13 January 2016

A Little Behind

I've taken so many photographs of our wild trio but they have a tendency to sit nicely at a distance too far for my poor little phone to pick up very well or to blur a lot, so I haven't been able to feature them as much as I'd like to! I did, however, manage to sneak up on a little bun I suspect to be one of the girls.

Not the best view mind you... and it did give me flash-backs to B-HV's Last Tuesday Tail...

"Let me get this straight... You FINALLY managed to take a photograph in focus and you took a picture of my BOTTOM?!"


  1. They are so intelligent, good natured, pranksters themselves, but they do have their blind spots, stuff they just don't understand, and, yes, the irresistible bunny tail is one of them. Pandoren, as Cinnamon said long ago, "There is something you should look into. It's called auto focus."

    1. Bear in mind I'm taking photos with a Blackberry, the focus does what it likes! ;)

  2. Poor wee girl. Finally got the last photographer trained and they get a new one. A bunny's work is never, ever, done.