Wednesday 27 January 2016

Bunnio Absentia!

Just look at this sweet bun buns, sitting there eating his fresh hay and acting all innocent. This is Hercules, husbun of three-legged Velveteen. You'd think his name should be Mr Magoo by the magic he managed to pull on me last week, turning invisible inside his house until after I'd had a mini-heart attack looking for him everywhere and then poof, the magician reappears looking like he'd never left at all...

The rotter.


  1. Yes, that is exactly how I would expect to see a little rotter chew on a piece of hay.

  2. As a kid growing up in the 70s I used to love the Mr Magoo cartoons, but for some reason in the UK they were always on late at night after my bedtime, so it was rare that I actually saw them. I'm pretty sure Hercules has better eyesight than the Mr Magoo I remember though!