Sunday 3 January 2016

So What Happens Now?

Life after Whisky has been about as difficult as you can imagine. So much of my everything was built around him, from the daily routines between getting up and out the house in the morning to the arrangement of any free time I had to make sure I was back home for medicines or whatever. Every day brings with it "first time without..." moments - first time coming home to a house without him in it, first lazy Sunday without him laid out in the sunny patch by the window snoozing, first Dr Who without him sat there next to me (or upstairs grumping about something). There are less of them each day, but the levels of sadness have been boosted as the last of his test results came in and finally when I went to collect his ashes.

I don't want to go on about the sad parts too much, this isn't the place. Here we should be looking back at his life and feeling happy that he brought us so much joy, what an amazing little boy he was.

But still, for me there's the "What next?" to consider. My heart and my bank balance need some time to recover, I don't plan on adopting any more rabbits any time soon. I figure though that if foster bunnies Bobbit and Anouska are going to continue living in my house for the foreseeable future it is only fair that they move into Whisky's old room, it being twice the size of theirs.

So on New Years Day, that's what we did. With a mixture of their furniture and what was already in there, they moved in and now have around 120 square foot of bedroom as their own space. Being the only bunnies in the house now, they also gained proper free-roaming privileges when I am around to supervise, or at least to listen out for mischief. So far they are confining themselves to the upstairs of the house, when that changes I am sure chaos will reign. (Anouska does venture half way down the stairs on occasion but for reasons I am unsure of she won't yet go to the bottom.)

They definitely seem happy with their new room. Anouska has more things to shred and dig in, Bobbit has lots more places to hide. But of course the final approval wasn't given until they'd established that it came with the same menu and level of service.

"Space good, toys good, food if we could just lose the paparazzi...?"

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  1. I know that naggy feeling of suddenly not having a bun on a medication schedule. (Moved up 5 minutes every day because Scout Bunny would disappear at medication time like clockwork if I didn't.)

    *Offers of hugs*

    Scout was addicted to Mark Harmon. If I was watching the West Wing episodes he was on, she would come running into the room and periscope in front of the TV. When I watched NCIS, she was periscope whenever he was speaking. It took me a while to start watching NCIS again.

    It's nice to see, however, Anouska and Bobbit are continuing Whisky's attempts at training a human. It's a tough job, but somebun's gotta do it.