Sunday 17 January 2016

Anti-Avian Antics

I decided to make this weekend about teaching Anouska and Bobbit that they are allowed to roam the whole house. For some reason, they consider from the lounge, through the hall to halfway up the stairs a no-go zone. My only guess so far is that Whisky made such a good job of scenting it for his own that it is going to need extra scrubbing before they are not afraid they are roaming in another bun's 'hood.

If I can get them to go all the way downstairs of their own accord they can start telling me when they want to go outside, rather than the current setup: guessing they do, carrying them downstairs, finding (often) that they don't.

Well it's still a work in progress. For example, although he liked to joke around with them, Whisky got on perfectly well with the birds that visited the garden. Bobbit however has a long way to go to build any trust between himself and the local wildlife...

"I'm not going out there 'til that bird naffs off..."

"I'm not going down there 'til that fella stops staring at me, flops his ears over and starts bounding around in big circles like a normal bunny."

I'm starting to think this might take a while...

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