Thursday 18 February 2016

New Love For Old Buns

With the unexpected passings of Gretta in January and Nemo at the beginning of February, two of our older residents found themselves suddenly alone again. Nemo's sister Claudia, who had been much loved in foster for some time, came back to play the dating game and after a short attempt with Bugsy Malone, who unfortunately then had to go back onto medicines, she was tried with Gretta's widower Desmond. This, delightfully, seems to have been a well-fated decision.

Yes, they may not look impressed with me crawling along the fence-line with my mobile phone, but happily they seem more than content with each other!


  1. P, I am sure you contributed to the cementing of their bond as they looked over tsking, raising eyebrows and ears at how young people behave with those phones of theirs.

  2. United in their disdain for humanity.. :)