Wednesday 17 February 2016

Whoever Said Romance Was Dead?

"I would have been perfectly happy with a bunch of nice, tasty roses... What am I going to do with an oven mitt?"


  1. My guess would be "Nibble it shreds and leave the remnants strewn about for the two foots to clean up."

  2. The sad thing is this was a present my mother received one year. Another year it was a crook lock for the car steering wheel...

  3. I am afraid Mr. A-B looks more worried about his own future than the status of romance. Poor Little Bunn Bunn Boy. Listen, Fionn, my first anniversary gift was a microwave. At the time, I had not heard of microwaves. Mine may have been the first ever built. It was sort of the tablet of my generation. I mean it worked out. With these practical gifts you can just never tell how you will feel about them down the road. Now get the oven mit and start whapping him. You're lucky. The microwave was much too heavy.