Wednesday 24 February 2016

The Grand Sulk

Our own big barrow-inhabiter and snack disposal unit Archimedes has recently been sporting a new fashion accessory- a brightly coloured bandage. Unfortunately for him, he somehow injured the bottom of his foot and caught an infection that has meant Caroline must regularly treat him, re-bandage him, and take him to see the dreaded V.E.T.S. As you can see, he isn't looking his usual confident self.


  1. OMgawsh.. poor mopey Archimedes! I'd say he deserves more treats and more love.. but he seems able to get his own treats whenever he wants .. and couldn't be loved more!

  2. Caroline, thank you for your care of this beloved miscreant. Is Mrs. TFB okay?

    1. Well, since Mr TFB is so grumpy about people flipping him over to bandage his foot, he doesn't rush out to meet us for breakfast, so Mrs TFB gets a massive head start on him. So yeah, she's all good!