Monday 8 February 2016

Robin The Place

As well as BHV's garden, the Rescue is also home to a few feathery companions. There are at least three robins on site at present (all called "Bob" in accordance with family tradition- or, occasionally, "Mrs Bob") who have decided 'tis the season to be a moderate nuisance. Last year they took some pleasure in following the veg barrow around in the mornings, even going so far as to attempt to steal those strange little grey worms out of the food bucket. This year it seems I'm under great scrutiny for a lot of the time as various brown-and-red blobs hop around, get under my feet, check out the bedding and generally ensure that I'm earning my wages.

Supervisor Bob coming to see if I'm pulling my weight.

Makes me wonder what they've got planned for 2017...


  1. Bob was harrassing me the other day. I also noticed there had clearly been some kind of 'incident' with the bird food tub. Could these two things be related?

  2. No, B-HV. Your time with a magnificent but unappreciative certain somebunny (notorious decrier of avians) has left you, we'll let me just say, unfair when it comes to the precious little descendants of the dinosaurs who grace us today. Your accusations would please your pal.