Sunday 29 April 2012

All Buns, All Wet, All Day

I was at the Rescue for our visitor day yesterday, though we were hoping we wouldn't have many people coming. My main tasks for the day were moving (soggy) bunnies around, feeding (soggy) bunnies and cleaning out (soggy bedding). It pretty much rained all day, no-one and no-bun was very impressed with the situation. Everything seemed more difficult and took longer to do.

Feeding bunnies includes making sure you see all of them eating, since a lack of enthusiasm for tasty snacks is often the first sign of illness. Usually this works fine since most will be watching you approach and given the chance will dive headfirst into the food bucket when you arrive. Not so quick and easy a task though when they are all hiding away from the weather in their hutches/sheds and insist on you bringing the food to them!

But I think the most miserable of the day were the poor bunnies who had to be turfed out of their cosy houses so they could be cleaned out. Oh my, for I have seldom experienced such intense disapproval.

"Don't just stand there! Fetch me a towel! And for
heavens sake will someone call my stylist - I'm
having a fur-emergency here people!"


  1. A truly horrible weekend; but I have just seen the forecast and tomorrow the sun should shine :)

  2. A very disgusting weekend,I've just gotten soggy collecting greens for my bun,Yuck

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