Sunday 22 April 2012

Zac's Prayer

"Oh Bunny-on-High
Who did create all bunnies in his/her image
I offer this prayer to you
In hope of the life I deserve.

Please bring me a hutch
Tall enough for me to stand on my tippy toes
And deep enough to stretch out in
That is warm in winter
And cool in summer
With a run attached for me to play in
With a roof to protect me
A run so long I can sprint full speed
And so high I can leap in the air
With lots of interesting things to do
And places to hide.

But most of all
I would like a family who will love me
Through the good times and bad
Who notice when I feel poorly
And will do anything for me. wait.
And carrots. Lots and lots of carrots.


  1. isn't he lovely,great photo and prayer.won't belong before you go home to a lovely family

  2. Sadly he and his sister Promise (who he lives with) have been with us quite a while. They came in as tiny little ones with their two sisters, were adopted but then returned. He has dental problems which may put many people off, but they are very sweet.