Monday 30 April 2012

A Wee Bit of Ginger

Have you ever heard the expression "low-resolution fox"? It describes a person who appears to be very attractive from a distance. I guess ultimately it's an insult to the subject, so it's not an expression I would use, yet it did make me laugh when I first heard it (I think it's because, like me, it has a hint of geek).

What is interesting about it is that it highlights how our brains perceive things we see from a distance and fill in some of the detail, sometimes erroneously.

We had a new arrival last week, admitted by Caroline, an un-neutered buck who had been living with his sibling. When I saw him from a distance I thought "Wow, that's unusual colouring and markings! What unique fur you have!". And then I got closer. Oh dear.

But don't worry little man, I am sure you'll be handsome again once we've patched up your wounds and gotten all your brothers urine out of your coat. And though your life has been a stressful one, you have at least helped to educate people about what it means when two little white rabbits start fighting and turning ginger.