Tuesday 24 April 2012

Rob McKenna Takes a Break

I think this month will go down in British history as "that time it rained a lot". After a dry year, which everyone has complained about, it is now very wet, which everyone is complaining about.

My outdoor bunnies aren't best pleased because although they have a covered run there has been so much rain the whole garden is waterlogged, with the overflow running into their space and ruining their digging projects. But at least they can get outside in the fresh air if they want to (if they can put up with the muddy feets) - it's the poor house buns staring longingly out of the window I feel sorry for.

Thankfully we had a break in the constant downpour this afternoon and I was able to get them all outside (in shifts). Whisky, as usual, took full advantage of his turn in the garden.

Apparently we are due another dry afternoon sometime in May...


  1. Whisky looks like he takes his play time quite seriously!

  2. looks like a supper fast bun like my Speedy