Friday 27 April 2012

Design Floor

We learned from my request for captions that you, the visitors to this blog, are all pretty clever - so here's another request for ideas!

In the last year we have replaced much of our accommodation. Where some of the bunnies were stuck in a hutch at night and free-roaming (supervised) in fenced areas during the day, we now have aviaries. A little less space to run around, but 24 hour access. It is working out pretty well and the bunnies seem happy but we have a few issues:

  • Rain - they are pretty open to the elements so when the weather is bad (like now!), bunnies get wet or are stuck in their hutches peering out at the downpour. How do we keep these areas dry? The high roof of the aviary and the open field behind makes it difficult to cover in any useful way (it can get pretty windy).
  • How to make the aviaries dig-proof without giving bunnies sore feet and/or completely removing the grass. Bear in mind the aviaries are in place and connected in a row, on a slope, so the groundwork is already quite tricky!

We've come up with a few thoughts, but I'm sure you can come up with some better ones! Be creative! Simple ideas or elaborate designs. Submit your ideas in the comments below or via our Facebook page or website.

And of course if you fancy coming down to the Rescue (just south of Cambridge, UK) to help make them a reality, your DIY skills will be very welcome! (Tea, biscuits and bunny cuddles provided!)


  1. try what they do in spainish restaurants they have a weather proof roof then they have roll up canvas side panels with soft clear pvc windows in the middle of the panels a bit like gazzebo panels and hook them to the wood frame of the aviary.not sure about making them dig proof what about plastic lawn edging buried under the ground around the edge of each would only have dig up a small strip all the way round that bit could be turfed or reseeded

  2. for my exposed runs I bought some glass clear tarps from tarpaflex (about £15 for 5 6'x8');they have eylets so I tied them to the side of the runs and they let all the light in, bunnys can see out but the wind and the rain can't get in.

    I have also picked up old shower doors and windows from the local tip or some friendly local plumbing/window replacement business's to put on top of runs to keep the worst of the weather off.Not a permanent solution but free.

  3. I don't know about in the homeland, but over here in Canada, building supplies come in huge poly sheets. Often if you make nice with a contractor (or even some guys on site building) you can get the rejects and patch with a bit of duct tape. (Gaffer tape is less effective but works as well.)

    Mattress bags from stores can also be split and used as temporary roofing.

    Just be sure to slope it towards where you want the water to go, or you'll be forever sticking rooftop puddles with the end of a broom. You may end up having to dig water trenches so your bunnies don't play in the mud. (Sorry my little lagomorphic friends, but wet feet are unfun feet!)

  4. Thanks everyone for your great ideas! :-)