Sunday 17 June 2012

Dear Interwebs

"Dear Interwebs,

I am disappointed to say the least that you did not appear to want to come to my house today. Have I said something to offend you? Daddy particularly got a bit cross several times and said things that are probably not really for bunnies' ears. I am now trying to un-hear them by thinking very hard about carrots.

Well anyway, I hope you can see your way to coming round again soon so Daddy can put more of the things I do on my blog. In the meantime I am going to relax here in this nice sunny spot that has appeared by the window now the horrid clouds have gone.

Your friend,

Whisky Bunny"


  1. Awww.. Whisky, I did indeed want to stop by, but Air Canada just didn't have a flight going your way in time! So I hope you'll accept these blueberries on a plate of kale as a substitute..

  2. Poor Whisky and poor Daddy! Malfunctioning interwebs are no fun at all (although I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who uses bad words when it happens), so I hope things have been straightened out by now.

  3. Speedy say's"hope that you both had a very Hoppy daddy bunday!"and" we always visit you here!"xoxoSpeedy P.S:Don't forget to enter our Prize Draw for whiskey!