Thursday 14 June 2012

Marty Bunny

We had some very sad news on Tuesday. Marty, one of the floofy Cashmere boys, died at the vets whilst under anaesthetic. Although he and his siblings haven't been with us long, we are already quite attached to them all and it was heart wrenching to lose him so quickly and at such a young age.

To help us remember him, here are a couple of the pictures from Saturday 9th June 2012 of him sharing snacks with his brothers.


  1. snuggles and nose bonks to the other fluffy buns"sniff...sniff" xoxoSpeedy

  2. Big hug to all of sad xx

  3. So sorry for your loss--Mr. Mick and I will be thinking special thoughts for sweet Marty, and you all are in thoughts and prayers. *hugs*