Monday 25 June 2012

Lounging Lodgers

Hi all, Vicki here, and this is my first blog post ever! Due to Gary’s intermittent internet problems he’s (foolishly) asked me to take over this week and I (foolishly) agreed.

So, for my first post how would you like to meet my current ‘lodgers’ (aka foster buns from the rescue)? This is Clarence (the fuzzy one) and Cora (the little dutch bun). They are quite famous down the rescue for their tendency for lots of cute snuggly lounging around. These are my best photographic attempts at capturing said lounging so far.

Clarence is also quite famous for his snotty nose (poor boy) and his tendency to wipe this on anyone who might (or might not) have food – but perhaps I’ll spare you the photos of that.


  1. Oh I think I met these two in the hospital when I volunteered in March! Clarence really is a snotty little boy isn't he, cracking good sneezer! x

  2. makes you feel you just want to snuggle up with them.... lovely photos.

  3. Aww.. Poor Cora.. With that ear nick she deserves a piratey story.. :)