Tuesday 12 June 2012

Weather You Like It Or Not

On the radio this morning the announcer said that this sudden spell of colder, wetter weather is due to last for about a month. Knowing how much the weather affects getting things done at the Rescue, being as it is largely outdoors, I really hope they were joking. Cleaning just has to be done whatever, but first you get drenched, then the wind blows half a bale of wood shavings over you and they stick to your wet clothes. Sure, it sounds funny...

But there's another reason I'm less than thrilled about it. I finally motivate myself to start blogging daily and now the miserable weather is going to mean no new pictures of happy Rescue bunnies for a while. I am afraid that means you are likely to be subjected to day after day of pictures of the one indoor bunny I see all the time, probably looking ever so slightly sad because he can't go out and play in the garden. Which incidentally, looks like this.

OK sure, he looks pretty much the same as when he can play in the garden, but that's bunnies for you. They pretty much disapprove of everything regardless.

Well at least I took enough pictures of Zodiac and the floofy Cashmere boys to get us through the next few days. After that, it's all on Whisky. I'd better warn him now - he'll no doubt want to start working on some new material...


  1. A Whisky a day is good for the soul, they say. Who needs anything else? :)

  2. totally agree with Jade.... just can't have enough pictures of Whisky.

  3. Totally agree whiskey is good for the soul!
    Don't forget to enter Speedy's prize Draw!