Wednesday 20 June 2012

Par 10

Last weeks emergency intake was 10 bunnies found dumped on a golf course, including what looks like two litters of different ages. They are a really sweet and very cute bunch, especially this little guy who seems surprisingly confident already!

"Ah, you must be the new caddy. Well get a move on man, we have 18 holes to fit in before my afternoon nap."


  1. Lucky little munchkins to have found their way to your rescue.... he's adorable; I hope it's not too long before you find them all lovely new homes.

  2. so sweet,though why do people do that they only have to contact the rescue centres?

  3. *SQUEE*! I would caddie for this adorable little duffer any day. Thinking lots of good thoughts for new furever homes for him and his littermates!