Monday 4 June 2012

Suspicious Minds

Elvis doesn't make it onto the blog nearly as much as he deserves to. He's more of a rabbit's rabbit than a bunnying-about-in-the-human-world rabbit and is slightly suspicious of cameras, so rarely gets photographed doing something blog-worthy. He digs, he eats as much of the lawn as he can, he races about at high speed, he circles Jemima amorously until she gets fed up with him and wanders off to eat somewhere else. Definitely more at home in the dirt than on a sofa and a firm believer that the only thing that should stroke his head is another bunnys tongue.

So for all the other bunnies like Elvis out there, today I'd like celebrate those we've brought into our families whose main gift to us in return is simply to show us we've given them a life they enjoy. Keep binkying to your own rhythms little ones and know that, even if you don't always obviously show it back, we love you all the same.


  1. lovely post these buns are tough and difficult but can be the most rewarding

  2. Independent buns are the hardest to love, and yet the few moments when they actually tolerate your presence bring you so much joy. Elvis is such a handsome fellow, I can imagine it's hard not to want to hug and pet him.

  3. He does have THE most stroke-ably soft fur, which makes it all the more frustrating! If you try and stroke him he quickly backs up a couple of inches and gives you a horrified look as if you've just done something most undignified! "What??! How dare you??!! What do you think you're playing at - I only came over for a treat!"