Monday 10 September 2012


I sort of feel sorry for Clarence and Cora, being turfed out of their five star foster accommodation so Vicki can care for the next pair that need daily meds. In particular, I know how much their temporary foster parents had become attached to them - the amount of attention they will get back at the Rescue, living alongside 100+ other bunnies, just won't compare.

So in the interests of their welfare, I think it's only right that I ease them back into the routine with some extra attention and nose rubs. If anyone asks, that's why I'm sat on the floor of their aviary making a fuss of them. Providing a smooth lifestyle transition, for their benefit. Honest.

"You again? Don't you have hutches to clean? Or at the very least, parsley to feed me?"


  1. nothing beats sitting on the floor chatting to bunnies!

  2. we believe you,honest,look at that cute bunny mouth how could you not want give them some extra love

  3. Miss you cutie tiny Cora and grumpy Mr Clarence! Vx