Saturday 1 September 2012

RWAF Conference 2012

The Rabbit Residence team had a great day away from the Rescue today at the 2012 Rabbit Welfare Association conference. It was a fantastic event full of very useful sessions centred mainly around rabbit health and behaviour with presentations from experts in the field. The highlight for me was a session on ethics led by Dr Anne McBride, animal behaviourist and author of "Why Does My Rabbit...?".

We also got to meet some of the wonderful volunteers, owners and key people of other Rescues from around the country, though unfortunately the schedule was a bit too tight to spend a decent amount of time chatting.

There was a great set of stands in the exhibitors hall, including the guys from Runaround and the RWAF's own shop, the Bunny Bazaar.

The Runaround System

And though several of my colleagues got very excited about this stand, I never did figure out quite what this little guy was selling...

"Hey you! You wanna buya dis log? Or a weeka ball perhaps? Or maybe I is selling you this nice-a folding table, no? OK, but you want a good barginz, dis chinchilla be ere all-a day."


  1. WANT that inflatable bunny! I don't care that it would barely fit in my yard, WANT it!

  2. I wonder how well chinchillas and bunnies get along. My fiance wants one desperately (partly to judge if they are softer than a rexie.. which I doubt)

    1. From what I understand you should not mix bunnies and chinchillas. Someone at the conference was talking about how rabbits can be carriers for things that kill chinchillas, though to be honest I only heard half that conversation. There's some talk of it here

      Did seem like an odd thing to do having them there at the rabbit conference, if that is the case, but there you go. Clearly worth investigating further before considering it!

    2. oh wow! well I will def. check that out! I know he really wants one, but maybe I'll just convince him to adopt a chinchilla.. the rabbit breed that is lol