Wednesday 12 September 2012

Mr Snotface

Ladies, gentlemen and little fluffsters that read this blog, I am afraid we have had a complaint in the Big Ears, Tiny Tales post bag. (Which is technically an email folder. With one message in.)

The message reads as follows:

Dear Mr BHV. Thank you for your lovely blog post about Cora and Clarence, but WHY IS THERE NO PICTURE OF CLARENCE??!! Are you some big poo-face that smells of bunny wee? Please remedy this IMMEDIATELY or I shall have to tell everyone what you did at the Xmas party that time you got a lift and turned up smelling of cheap vodka...

I am paraphrasing, but you get the general gist.

So just for you, mystery complainant that until recently fostered him, here is your picture of Clarence. And for once he appears to be relatively snot free, though since I remember his face being covered the second before I took the picture, I suspect if I check the sleeve of the top I was wearing...well anyway, here's your picture.

"Nice's washable, right?"


  1. Oh Mr Clarence! You are very handsome indeed. And how dare Mr BHV call you snotface! They'll be another grumpy letter in the postbag if he keeps this up. ;)