Thursday 13 September 2012

Treasure Hunter

Here's a scenario you can expect to experience if you adopt bunnies.

One day your little fluffsters will not be where you expect to find them. Just as you start to wonder what could possibly have caused them to break from the tight schedule of their rigid daily routine, and a split second before (if you are lucky) you break into an anxious sweat and start to panic, you will hear an unfamiliar noise coming from another part of your house. Immediately you will know - mischief is afoot.

If house bunnies came with a book of instructions, no doubt there would be a whole chapter about how you should never leave packets of food or bags of hay where little paws and mouths can reach them. The lounge, shortly after this picture was taken, looked much the same as the lawn.

"Oh look, self service buffet!"


  1. Hahaha oh Whiskey you little mischief maker but how can we be mad at you ?a cute little bundle of furry joy a great start to my day,thank you,you little lovely

  2. I had this the night before last!
    I was getting Tigger and Jeeves ready for bed. I had a large box of hay and I put it on the floor and left the lid off while I went outside for 30 seconds and pulled some grass. I come back in and Jeeves has somehow jumped in the box (it's a good way off the floor and he isn't the most elegant jumping bun) and he was INSIDE a small bag of different hay I use for forage. I was gone thirty seconds and he decided to get himself in trouble. Good job we love them!

  3. I would, at this time, like to point out .. there is no "out of reach" of a determined bunny. :)