Wednesday 26 September 2012

Happy Pet

As you will all know, bunnies need environmental enrichment and places to hide. A very useful (and cheap) item for this purpose is, of course, a cardboard box. However, finding such a box that is truly approved of by one’s buns can be tricky. Our two had a nice big box earlier in the year which they were very attached to but had eventually chewed so much of it away that we kept attempting to replace it. We’d find a new box at a garden centre, bring it home and install it in their run taking out the old one, only for the new box to be rejected and them to sit looking fed up in spots they don’t usually sit. After several attempts we eventually found another one big enough to be deemed appropriate. They soon began ‘renovations’ again so who knows how long it will last.

“This is more like it. About time too, Mrs Two-Legs!”


  1. They know what they want our buns...hehe

  2. Ours like liquor boxes - each has it's own favorite!!!