Monday 24 September 2012

Perfectly named bunnies

Sometimes the bunny names that Caroline comes up with are just perfectly suited to the bunnies.

As you will have gathered, gorgeous foster buns Clarence and Cora (who I am just a little attached to) went back to the rescue a few weeks ago so that we could do a course of meds for Caroline on another bunny pair. So, after saying goodbye to Cora and Clarence and settling them into a nice clean hutch, I packed Glamour and Majestic into the car and brought them home. In my opinion they both have perfect names. Majestic is a handsome dalmation rex who pulls some suitably noble poses. (An online dictionary tells me that Majestic can mean ‘Having or displaying great dignity or nobility’, ‘Belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler’ or ‘Superior to mundane matters’ – not sure Glamour would agree with the ‘supreme ruler’ bit). And Glamour has a very glamourous mane of hair. They are very well behaved bunnies and no trouble at all to have to stay (injection time with Glamour involves considerably less stomping, grunting and running away than with Clarence). Here are a few photos of them awaiting snacks.

Glamour: “What am I missing? Budge over!”

Glamour: "So, where are these snacks I hear rumour of?”

Majestic: “Get your fluff out of my face!”

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